Allison Jones


About Allison Jones


Allison is a third generation California native, born and raised in the Silicon Valley. After earning a BA in Communications from CSU Chico, she moved to Chicago and began her career in outside sales. After a few years, her success landed her a medical sales position, where she quickly climbed the corporate ladder and achieved many accomplishments with large health care organizations. Allison grew up with two real estate parents and worked part time for her father, a real estate broker for over forty years. She knew after 15 years in the corporate world, it was time to follow her own passion in the real estate industry.
Allison’s experience in medical sales has given her the unique ability to handle the high demands under pressure in a time sensitive market. By combining her knowledge of the Bay Area and her deep understanding of what her customers want, she ensures client satisfaction through the entire real estate transaction. In her spare time, Allison enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and going on long hikes with her husband and two dogs, Coco and Puff. If you are looking to buy or sell and want an agent you can count on, Allison will deliver the results.